Joy Comes in the Morning (Perfect Paperback) Review

Joy Comes in the MorningThis is a remarkable tale of one woman's courageous journey through abuse and trauma by relying on her faith in God. Christian themes, such as those demonstrated by the parable of the Good Samaritan, are subtly interwoven into this believable Civil War era romance. The characters, dialogue, and plot work so smoothly that this reader felt Ms. Hope was telling a true story, rather than fiction. I'm very impressed that this is the author's first published work and highly recommend it!

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Product Description:
Libby Prescott's life becomes a nightmare after the Civil War, when her husband, a Union soldier, grows addicted to morphine and whiskey and begins abusing her. Begging God for help, she receives a solution unlike any she imagined. Libby awakes one day in the Southern home of the Chambers family with no memory of who she is or how she has arrived there. The Chambers begin a search for anyone with a connection to the lost and battered woman. Libby finds friendship with Clary, but their discussions incite haunting memories from her youth. The mystery deepens when the Chambers receive Libby's rings and learn of a ragged, indigent woman searching for her. As Libby's presence begins to change their lives, the Chambers will call into question everything they know, especially Justin, whose engagement to Susanna becomes less appealing as the days pass. And Libby, who has been confiding in Justin, must confront her past while fighting her growing feelings for him and her uncertainty concerning what happens next. With the themes of hope and justice, along with a lesson in history, Joyce Hope takes readers on an amazing adventure through the darkest hours of night, promising that Joy Comes in the Morning.

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