Morning Sky (Freedoms Path Series #2) [Bargain Price] [Paperback] Review

Morning Sky [Paperback]Morning Sky is the second book in Judith Millers Freedom's Path Series about the Harban and Boyle families. Nicodemus, Kansas is settled by predominatly African-American familes while neighboring Hill City is mostly white.

Exekiel Harban is doing his best to keep his family together following the death of his wife. Then Lily Verdue, his sister-in-law, arrives from New Orleans. Exekiel suspects Lily is running from someone, which doesn't surprise him one bit. A free spirited woman who makes her own rules, Lily is not the kind of person he wants living in the same house with his daughters.

Before long, Lily starts to cause just the kind of trouble Exekiel feared. She tries to break up Truth's engagement to Moses Wyman, because she feels he would be better suited to Jarena. Nevermind that Jarena is in love with Thomas, who is serving in the army, fighting Indians. Lily is a woman of the world and knows what is best for her sheltered nieces.

Dr. Boyle asks Truth to travel to New York to see about his daughter Macia, who is enrolled in an exclusive finishing school. Macia has been sick ever since reaching the city. Truth uncovers a diabolic scheme which could be fatal to her friend.

The characters in Judith Miller's Morning Sky are so skillfully developed you will feel as if you know them as real people. Morning Sky is an intriguing story guaranteed to hold the readers attention from start to finish.

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Product Description:
(Freedom's Path Book 2) Nothing will ever be the same after boisterous Aunt Lilly Verdue arrives in the new settlement of Nicodemus, Kansas, in the early summer of 1880. Her brother-in-law is not at all happy to see her, and her unwillingness to admit the reason behind her hasty exit from New Orleans only fuels the fire. She's not content to peacefully join the little farming community. No, Lilly manages to shake things up even further when she decides Moses Wyman is engaged to the wrong sister!

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