Korea: Land of Morning Calm [Hardcover] Review

Korea: Land of Morning Calm [Hardcover]A coffeetable style book. Heavy on the photos of South Korea. Despite "Korea" in the title, it really is about South Korea. The hapless North Koreans are not covered to any significant extent in this book.

It shows that South Korea still has much of the old culture in the rural regions. Whereas to non-Koreans, the country might seem totally industrialised and modern. Many traditional festivals and costumes are depicted. With some artfully taken pictures of bucolic backdrops. There is also quite a variety of regional foods.

Discerning readers might also notice some possible Chinese influences in the traditional clothing and customs.

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Product Description:
Korea: Land of Morning Calm displays the rich history, diverse cultures and striking sights of Korea. Evocative text and stunning photos bring the Korea experience to life, giving readers a taste of what they can expect to see and experience in the "Land of Morning Calm."

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