Twilight In The Morning [Paperback] Review

Twilight In The Morning [Paperback]Set against the backdrop of Rwanda and New York, this mesmerizing story about a young nurse who has lost her family, pulls at your heart. Lungu describes a refugee camp in Africa, something which is out of the ordinary for most people.An interesting examination of the differencesand simliarities between Africans and African-Americans. She subtly points out the things that Americans take for granted . It reads like a movie. Its easy to imagine the characters up on the big screen.

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Product Description:
Denver Milestone is a pediatrician at a state hospital in Harlem, New York when he goes to work at a refugee camp in post-genocide Rwanda (Central Africa). His stay in Africa is life changing as he comes face-to-face with AIDS and poverty. Just when he begins to feel comfortable, he is critically wounded in a landmine ambush and is flown back to the United States. Saara Rushimana is a Rwandan nurse at the refugee camp. Her entire family was murdered in the genocide, but she lives her challenged life with grace. When she seeks political asylum in the United States, little does she know that she will be thrown into a detention center and be made to endure prison like conditions.This is the story of two people whose very different lives meet and intertwine in a tale of overwhelming tragedy, endurance and love.Will Denver survive the attack? Can Saara find her husband's family and tell them about the child she is carrying?Read on.

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