Morning Star [Paperback] Review

Morning Star [Paperback]Morningstar is one of those amazing books that keeps you reading and turning pages long into the night because you just have to know how things turn out. A fascinating read, a well plotted story and a great ending.Everything, in fact, that I look for in a Five Star book.Morning Star

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Product Description:
Morning Star By Micqui MillerLiz O'Hara, upstanding citizen, widow of a loving husband and mother of two great teenagers, has spent her adult life looking over her shoulder. She fears her past catching up with her the lost seven months she lived on the run in another time and place. But in her worst nightmares Liz never dreamed she'd have to choose one child over another while a psychopath lurked in the shadows, waiting to strike.Josh Wilder, disillusioned news anchor, finds his career back on the fast track when he goes out on a limb to help someone close to him. But in order to cash in on his new celebrity, he must risk destroying the woman he hasn't been able to forget for twenty-seven years, the homeless young hippie known only as Morning Star.Together, Liz and Josh face the greatest challenge of their lives racing against the clock to save a dying young woman while trying to stop a madman with murder on his mind.

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