Joy in the Morning: A Mother's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph (Paperback) Review

Joy in the Morning: A Mother's Journey from Tragedy to TriumphJoy Strickland wants the reader to understand that finding peace and joy in the certainty of life is a conscious choice. It has taken some 15+ years for her to tell the story about how she learned to live through the pain and anguish that accompanied the murder of her eldest son, Chris.Amazingly, her story is one of choosing to see the light again; of choosing to feel the warmth of the sun; of choosing to smell the scent of a new day's dawn."Joy In the Morning" is a revelation of choosing to once more believe in the human spirit; in the wake of violently being thrust into a parallel universe without warning.

Whether one is spiritual, religious, or agnostic does not matter.Strickland takes on what could easily have evolved into a self-serving dirge, and instead lets you see how she crawled, then stumbled, regained her footing, re-examined all she thought was certain about living, and learned how to integrate the life she led prior to this tragedy to discover an even better life afterwards.

This is not a self-help book.No, it is certainly not.Rather, it is an honest portrait of the certainty one can achieve by making honest choices when facing the unknown.Hear her song as you turn each page.

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Product Description:
Chris Lewis met Kendrick Lott at St. Philip's Episcopal School in Dallas where the two worked as camp counselors. Chris, a Morehouse College student, had graduated from St. Mark's School of Texas one year earlier. Kendrick planned to attend Morehouse in the fall. But instead of becoming Morehouse brothers, the teens died together, brutally slain by two drugged out gang-bangers looking for someone to carjack.Chris was Joy Strickland's son and Joy in the Morning is her inspirational memoir of unspeakable tragedy, healing and profound change. Joy in the Morning is a valiant contribution to the field of grief memoirs. Here we have that rare title written by the mother of a murdered child. Strickland punctuates her story with her original poems and her reflections are the perfect complement, giving her book depth and texture.Strickland, a former IBM marketing executive, is founder and CEO of Mothers Against Teen Violence in Dallas. She says, "I have written this book believing that my experience will encourage and inspire others to see their challenges as an opportunity for personal transformation. I believe that healing and wholeness are accessible to us all; that joy is our divine right; and sharing this message is an important part of my purpose in life."

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