Escape to Morning (Team Hope Series #2) (Paperback) Review

Escape to MorningDannette (Dani) Lundeen is a Search and Rescue worker who is more than capable of handling herself in difficult situations. Will Masterson, Homeland Security agent currently undercover as a reporter, is immediately impressed by her.

Dani however, does not think very highly of reporters, so Will has an uphill battle on his hands to get past Dani's defenses. But when Dani begins an independent search for a missing teenage girl in the woods near the Canadian border and runs into Will, also looking for the same girl, she wonders why a reporter is so determined to help with the search. And Will is bound to keep the truth from her.

Dani & Will quickly found a special place in my heart. Their personal & spiritual journey's were ones I recognized in my own life. Will is trying so hard to learn how to be "God's man." And Dani thinks she has a solid relationship with the Lord, until she begins to realize that there are some areas of her life she has not really trusted Him with.

Susan does a wonderful job weaving spiritual truths into a suspenseful storyline.

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Product Description:
Book two in the Team Hope series by Susan May Warren, the name to watch in romantic suspense. In Escape to Morning, Homeland Security Agent Will Masterson crosses paths with Search and Rescue worker Dannette Lundeen. Will is working undercover to find and neutralize a terrorist organization threatening U.S. security. Dannette is searching for a missing girl, who turns out to be the key to the terrorists. As Will and Dannette put their lives on the line, they find their hearts drawn to one another. Only as they trust God and each other can they find a way to escape to morning.

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