Morning B.R.E.W. : A Divine Power Drink For Your Soul (Paperback) Review

Morning B.R.E.W. : A Divine Power Drink For Your SoulMorning B.R.E.W. is a unique devotional. In most devotionals we read the thoughts of others and incorporate them into our own life. In Jones' devotional we create our own daily devotional experience and incorporate them into our lives.

Through personal stories, scripture and exercises, Jones helps us kick-start our day by celebrating that "I waked up." He uses this expression because every morning, his child always woke up and said, "I waked up." He challenges us to think about how we wake up in the morning. What are our thoughts, feelings and actions? Further, he says, "we all wake up twice." What he means is, our first wake up is physical and our second is our thoughts and feelings. And we all have the individual power to make a choice, ("a good waking") and we can rejoice in the fact that we can take sips of the powerful brew all day.

The process is B.R.E.W. (Being still, Receiving God's love, Embracing my personhood, and Welcoming the day.) Jones suggests we spend a few minutes of our daily devotionals around each of these elements and shows us how we can do this effectively.

Armchair Interviews says: Dr. Jones' B.R.E.W. is a wonderful way we can begin each day with a good wake-up and content rich experience with our God.

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Product Description:
Morning B.R.E.W. is a powerful way to say "yes" to lifeat the beginning of each day. In as little as fifteenminutes, B.R.E.W. can dynamically charge your spirit.Unlike other morning devotions, in which you digest thewords of others, this book teaches you how to create yourown devotional experiences through silence and prayerfulvisualization.B.R.E.W. stands for:Be stillReceive God's LoveEmbrace personhoodWelcome the day

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