Morning Wood (Paperback) Review

Morning WoodExcellent book if you are into street art/graffiti! Tons of today's best artists! Highly recommended.

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Product Description:
Compiled by Roger Gastman, art directed by John LaCroix, and written by IanSattler, Morning Wood features the work of 50 of the world's top alternativecreators. Morning Wood provides a long-awaited forum for well-knownvisionaries like billboard liberator Ron English; the creator of the GarbagePail Kids, John Pound; and Sex Pistols art director Jamie Reid.Togetherwith these living legends of the alternative art world, Morning Wood alsofeatures the latest generation's brightest artistic and photographic starssuch as ESPO, Cynthia Connolly, Dalek, Giant, WK Interact and Estevan Oriolto name just a few.Other artists included are Ricky Powel, CYCLE, ZEPHYER,GIANT, and Chris Yormick.
Morning Wood delivers an incredible amount original art to the reader, aseach artist was given complete freedom in their own section to present aselection of his or her best work in four full-bleed pages. The currentbiographies that are included assist in putting this remarkable 21st centuryart into context.

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