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Never Come Morning [Paperback]I noticed in another customer review of this book that two key pieces of plot information are provided in the review itself.That is something no reviewer should ever do.Don't let that blemish keep you from buying this remarkable book.Never Come Morning is one of the finest novels you will ever read.This is Catcher In The Rye for the rest of us, for everyone who grew up more worldy than Holden Caufield.
Algren opens a window on Chicago's ethnic, inner city streets.The sights, sounds, smells, words and music of Chicago in the late 1940's are right there in front of you.He then points his highly accurate lens on his character's hearts, minds, concerns, fears, worries, struggles, hopes & dreams.
Never Come Morning is a lyrical, poetic work of fiction that's nonetheless so realistic it could have been yanked straight from the headlines of any city's newspapers, in any era, from the 1940's straight through to 2004.The novel describes the lives of several teenagers living on Chicago's Near Northwest side, in the late 1940's.It is realistic yet never exploitive, heart-wrenching yet never heavy handed.
Those familar with Chicago neighborhoods will delight in seeing The Triangle, Riverview, Humboldt Park, Division Street, Chicago Avenue, Western Avenue, Milwaukee Avenue, Oak Street Beach and Logan Square referenced in print.As El trains fly overhead - some down tracks still with us and some down tracks long-gone - you will be astounded at how well this writer has captured the Chicago of your youth.
Those familar with Chicago characters like the ones in this novel (Bruno Bicek, Steffi Rostenkowski, Catfoot Nowagrodski, Fingers Idzikowski, Fireball Kodadek, Bibleback Watrobinski, Casey Benkowski, Momma Tomek and The Barber) will have to put the book down and take a walk outside.The memories that come flooding back will be too STRONG, and too REAL.
Anyone who's lived in a neighborhood where kids run the nighttime streets, anyone who's ever hung out on a corner, tossed dice against a warehouse wall, walked a freight yard, played ball for a Park District League, been to Riverview, swam at Oak Street or dated a girl from the neighborhood will be shocked from the sheer force of recognition this amazing novel provides.
Yet even those who've never set foot in Chicago will be spellbound by this remarkable, poetic novel about tough kids growing up under tough conditions in a tough town.A must read for anyone interested in American Realism, and/or fiction carved from real life.

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Product Description:
A reissue of a classic American novel, with an introduction by Kurt Vonnegut, Nelson Algren's second novel, originally published in 1942, tells the story of Bruno Bicek, a tough from Chicago's Northwest Side, and Steffi, the woman who shares his dream while living his nightmare. "An unusual book and a brilliant book." -- The New York Times

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