Morning Notes: 365 Meditations To Wake You Up (Prather, Hugh) (Paperback) Review

Morning Notes: 365 Meditations To Wake You Up"Over the years I have resisted several requests for a book of 365 thoughts because I felt there were a number of excellent ones on the market, and I didn't think I had much to add. But a year or so ago I noticed that I have certain ideas that I keep turning to when I wake up in the morning...So this book is a little different in that it contains what I personally need to hear-over and over." - From the book

The thoughts we think upon awakening have a ripple affect. If our minds are filled with anxious anticipation, regret, self-loathing, worry, or judgment, our day will likely unfold with chaos in its wake.

Fortunately, author Hugh Prather has written a delightful devotional filled with sage advice, spiritual clarity, and practical ideals in his book Morning Notes: 365 Meditations to Wake You Up. Each meditation brings readers closer to present moment awareness, gentleness, forgiveness, and stillness.

Some of the wonderful observations in Morning Notes include:

"Problems do not justify unkindness...My chronic need to rush signals that I am willing to attack my body and fracture my mind. Kindness to myself as well as to others must be a part of the process or else it is ultimately meaningless."

"The journey back to God is the journey back to now. To ascend into heaven is to sink so deeply into now that we lose interest in past regrets and anxious anticipations...To think about what it means to be present is not to be present. Little children are so unsophisticated that they run around, giggle, stare at strangers, taste rocks, and just altogether have way too much fun. They're so clueless, they don't even know they have mastered advanced metaphysical concepts and mystical techniques. Today, I too will practice being clueless."

"The divine does not `test' us or give us `trials' before blessing us. How could God increase pressure, expand the rules, or set new demands if divine Love is changeless and the peace of God is eternal? We know when we are hearing the voice of God because the opposite happens. Suddenly all the pressure is lifted and we feel loved just the way we are. This is also the gift I must give those around me."

"How could one person's way possibly be superior to another person's way if God is leadings us all? If I believe that my spiritual path is superior, my path is not spiritual. Spirit is One. The divine doesn't contain degrees of correctness. Either we all share the same Truth and ultimate destiny, or there is no truth and we are lost in a reality of private perception and momentary interpretation."

I enjoyed reading Morning Notes: 365 Meditations to Wake You Up all the way through, finding much wisdom, humor, and spiritual nourishment in its pages. This book isn't divided by date, only number, so you can pick it up at your leisure-reading one passage at a time or perhaps a few. I look forward to dipping into this book at random, whenever I need a pick-me-up or a daily dose of a potent spiritual vitamin.

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Product Description:
This is a book of great beginnings-365 of them! How we start each and every day affects everything-body, mind, spirit, family, work. We can begin in a combative mood, fighting with how things are, or we can begin in a peaceful mood, helping ourselves construct things the way we want them to be.Hugh Prather, in his writing and his life, opts for the latter. And in these Morning Notes, he invites us to live as if we think our world and the people in it are worth caring about, worth taking time for, worth changing.Love, forgiveness, self-healing, change-yes! Self-loathing, judgment, anger, prevaricating-no! The former help us realize our Oneness within ourselves, with other human beings, and with God. The latter prevent this realization. These 365 simple meditations take us a long way toward our spiritual home. Individually and as a whole they speak to the spiritual task of the 21st century-to wake up to our own responsibility for what happens to us.

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