Taping Down Cords at Three in the Morning [Paperback] Review

Taping Down Cords at Three in the Morning [Paperback]I decided to pick this book up due to my previous experience working in the hotel A/V industry.I was in it long enough to know the inside, but not so long that it damaged me in any way ;).I thought the book would be a fun, quick read that I could relate to on some level, and the title made me chuckle.Parts of it actually were just that, a decent piece of nostalgia that made me remember my time in the industry at times fondly...and at other times...not so much.

My main issues with the book are this; whomever proofread & edited the final draft missed LOADS of grammatical errors, typos and what I will call 'flow' issues [it seems to jump around mid chapter at times].I know this was published by a small firm, but in my view that should make an editor be even more vigilant when proof reading the final copy before print.Secondly the author seems to like himself....a lot.Every A/V Tech alive apparently has him to thank for most of the positive and negative things that have occurred in the whole of the industry. He was there in person for the start of it all [as the text would have you believe].I understand that he has a lot of years in the industry and he should be given due respect for that, but I felt as though, at times, that he is taking credit [or blame] for most of the industry's known quirks and procedures.I'm not saying that he is lying, it just rubs me the wrong way when I am told over and over again that he was the "first" at everything, by anyone.That is just my personal opinion on the text, I am sure he is a fine person who obviously takes a lot of pride in his career, and rightfully so.

Anyone who has ever worked in A/V will find something in this book that will make them laugh, and think "Oh my God, YES!" in moments of familiarity but I think thats more a testament of the widely known happenings in hotel A/V.Pick a tech, sales rep, or director at random and they could tell you at least a dozen stories that would make you wet yourself laughing about how ridiculous the job gets, mainly because its a job working with people...and people can be...well, stupid.There are times when the author seems to be "drinking the Kool-Aid" a bit about the industry and its players, always almost telling crazy clients off, but then realizing the error of his ways and falling back in line.I get it, its a service industry and the customer is always right [sometimes].I get that he is still working in the industry and can't really do a complete 'tell all'...but don't worry, those who have been there can easily read between the lines.

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