Carolina In The Morning (Paperback) Review

Carolina In The MorningThis book is well written with great details. I really felt like I was visiting my home state of SC with the descriptions of the tabby ruins, scenes in Charleston, the marshes, the low country boil, etc. She even includes a recipe for a low country boil. It is a popular seafood treat.

The peaceful atmosphere and caring people in the small coastal SC town of Tabby Walk are a welcome change as Rachel leaves Chicago to vacation at her grandparent's beach house. To her surprise, she meets a man who is visiting from Atlanta to enjoy childhood memories of the small town. Although the vacation is short, they continue to see each other and fall in love.

Rachel and Austin share Christian values. They reach out to others. One touching development is finding love letters written during the War between the States and their thoughtful efforts to locate the descendants. The author uses historically accurate details.

I enjoyed the relaxed nature of the book. I prefer stories which don't scare me to death. If I want that, I can watch network news!

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