Morning, Come Quickly (Paperback) Review

Morning, Come QuicklyDr. Wanda Karriker, author of Morning Come Quickly, has written a superb book addressing the very serious issue or organized and sadistic abuse against children.This fast moving page-turner is written in fiction, making it palpable for all audiences.Dr. Karriker transports the reader into the very darkest side of human behavior: ritual abuse and mind control of children.As the secret lives of the main characters unfold, the reader feels the heightened emotion of every frightening moment.
Only a few professionals, those who have witnessed the devastation to victims who often spend their entire lives in recovery - know the reality of these crimes.That is not because it is not real.Victims across the country and around the world are telling their stories of suffering at the hands of organized groups.
Morning Come Quickly educates on many levels.It should be enlightening for professionals in the mental health fields, law enforcement, attorneys, teachers, child advocates, and anyone who is concerned with the health, welfare and safety of children.
It is riveting as the reader is catapulted into another world, it is brilliantly researched with extensive documentation.
The truth will set you free and the truth explodes in this superlative tome, a wonderful validation to all survivors of unspeakable crimes.

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Product Description:
A love story. A spiritual journey. A psychological thriller. Triggered by clients' stories of extreme trauma, a therapist recovers memories of abuse by pillars of her Bible Belt community. For ten years, she drags her husband along with her as she investigates a world of murder, satanic ritual abuse, child pornography and horrific government-sponsored mind control experiments on children. During their journey, the couple learn that they had been much more than childhood sweethearts.

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