Christmas Day in the Morning (Hardcover) Review

Christmas Day in the MorningThis book truly exemplifies the true meaning of christmas, to love one another.When Rob, the 15 year old boy of a modest farm family, overhears his parents talking, he comes to realize the love his father has for him and the love he also holds for his father.Not having the money to purchase a gift that he feels expresses this love, he chooses to surprise his father by doing the morning milking and chores before the usual 4AM.He sneaks out to the barn and his heart bursts with love as he waits for his father to discover the surprise.The illustrations are beautiful, dark and dusky like the time of day before surnrise, and the clouds in the sky take the shape of the Holy Family on the first Christmas.A valuable lesson for all.The gift of love is the most precious gift of all.

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