Peekaboo Morning (Hardcover) Review

Peekaboo MorningNeed a new baby (or 1st birthday) gift?Are you tired of buying blankets, booties, and bunny sleepers?Then here's a gift I love to give that is guaranteed to unwrap a smile!
"Peekaboo!I see..." wee readers instantly drawn into this heartwarming story based on the popular children's game.It features an adorable African-American toddler sporting an inquisitive nature and naturally textured hair.I couldn't tell if the child is male or female, which makes it appealing to everyone.
"Peekaboo!I see..." eager little readers searching soft pastel drawings for clues.What DOES the child see?The tip of a tail.The top of a hat.Turn the page to discover a playful puppy or laughing grandma.Award-winner Rachel Isadora uses only 53 words, printed in large, easy-to-read type, to keep you guessing.
"Peekaboo!I see..." pleased young readers requesting this book again and again.The first evening my youngest daughter spent with a baby sitter, she cried when she realized Mama and Daddy were gone.Thankfully a warm lap, soothing voice, and repeats of Peekaboo Morning comforted her until we returned.
For another heartwarming book by Isadora featuring simple text with large, easy-to-read print, and captivating illustrations, read In the Beginning.

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