Blue Cold Morning [Audiobook] (Hardcover) Review

Blue Cold Morning [Audiobook]29 Apr 2009
by Leslie Woods
Unfortunately I do not possess the poetic soul that Phibby has in abundance, so I will not attempt to describe her beautiful, colorful, vivid poetry. You will not be sorry if you purchase THIS book!
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7 Apr 2009
by Bridge Crewe
I've always been a big fan of Phibby's work. Her art comes from a very poetic, entertaining place where the resolve isn't always "storybook". It comes from a clear, descriptive place where her words direct the reader like a scene. You are no longer a reader when you take part in her poetry, you're a viewer! She paints incredible pictures with choice words and colorful imagination and clarity. I urge you to buy this book!
[ Reply ]Phibby's World of Poetry [ No Rating ] 1 Apr 2009
by Mukul Dahal
In Phibby's world of poetry words sing and images and imagery perform an artistic performance. Each of the lines bloom in such a way that a poem becomes a garden full of human compassion and tenderness. Hers is a distinct voice that makes her poems unique in their own way. I have been a reader of her poems for over five years, the period during which they have planted in me a thirst to read more and more of them.

------- Mukul Dahal
The wonderful world of Phibby Venable [ No Rating ] 31 Mar 2009
by w.k. kortas
It may be unfair to view Phibby's work as poems--although everything you would expect from poetry (flow, meter, vibrant imagery) is certainly to be found in them--as much as compressed novels. Her writing has the story arc, the strong characterization, and the sweeping themes you would find in a work spanning several hundred pages--but she has, somehow, found a way to do so in the space of a few dozen lines. Phibby's writing is utterly affecting and effective; her poetry is as good as any being written anywhere in America today.

Phibby's work is always pure poetry. Her pen paints pictures of the world around her that defy explanation. Her work is brilliant but instinctive. She captures human nature in ways I had never imagined.

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Reflections on everything from jazz to independent living..probing insights captured in photographic imagery..! This poetry meets the human condition head on, yet lingers in a mystical imagination of spirit..

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