Secrets of the Morning (Cutler Family) [Mass Market Paperback] Review

Secrets of the Morning [Mass Market Paperback]While I read the first book, Dawn, cover to cover, I only skimmed this one and was glad I did.While it covers most of the topics one can expect in a sequel, Dawn should have used her head and avoided a disaster.

Dawn's scheming grandmother has decided to wash her hands of this aweful, dirty little secret she tried to hide by sending her away to an exclusive school for dramatic arts in New York.As it turned out (sorry to reveil things from the first book if no one has read that), Dawn's mother, the twitering bird in a golden cage, had an affair with an entertainer and became pregnant.Fearing the stigma of an illegitimate heir to the family fortune, like in some gothic novel (which this just happens to be), baby Dawn was given away to be raised by another family as theirs.But, as some twist of fate, the illegitimate heir to the throne has resurfaced and now she wants her out of there again.So, off Dawn goes to New York under the false pretense of artistic talent.

Here Dawn meets some handsome Broadway star (who isn't gay! Talk about fiction!) and, quite typically, becomes engrossed, allows herself to be taken advantage of, is abandoned and left carrying her own illegitimate child.Apples don't fall far from the tree, as it seems.It was a disapointment, the story wasn't half as juicy as the first in this series.Of course, this is fiction, and in the real world we would hope that someone can have at least a 50/50 chance of pulling themselves up out of the gutter and not repeating the mistakes their parents made.Had she done the smart thing and not let herself be taken advantage of, there wouldn't be a story.

It has enough dirt to make readers want to read the next in the series, but this reader had already outgrown it and decided not to continue.

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Product Description:
Shadowed by her tortured past, Dawn has a bright new life of glimmering hopes...
Dawn can hardly believe she's a student at one of New York City's best music schools. Now her most precious wish, to become a singer, can come true. But Dawn still dreams about Jimmy, her strong, intense boyfriend, and the love and anguished secrets they share.
Then Michael Sutton arrives, a new teacher at the school, a singing star and the most wonderful looking man Dawn has ever seen. Together they create a world of feeling Dawn has never known. In his embrace Dawn awakens to disturbing, unfamiliar desires, and Michael's promises offer a vision of music and romance forever...until he disappears.
Dazed by his cruelty, alone with the bitter fruit of his betrayal, Dawn becomes, once again, a victim of her grandmothers twisted schemes. Desolate, she clings to the tender hope that Jimmy will return and renew with her their deepest hearts' dream...

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