A Morning Like This: A Novel [Paperback] Review

A Morning Like This: A Novel [Paperback]David and Abby Treasure (niiiiiice fake last name), along with their son Braden, are the perfect Christian family. Until, that is, David's affair from 9 years ago comes back to haunt them. Turns out his mistress gave birth to his child and never told him. Oops. And of course, now the illegitimate daughter is dying of cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant, and he has to tell his wife and bring all sorts of loverly turmoil into his family. Yada yada yada, we've all heard this story a zillion times before.

I was pretty irritated by this book. Abby gets angry at David, rightly so, and he acts like a creep toward her. He doesn't get that because he went out acting like a manwhore, he's to blame. But what grossed me out was when Abby tells him that the affair was partly HER fault, that she pushed him away, even though he cheated on her while she was not only pregnant, but just after giving birth to their son. Nice guy there. She forgives him (this is a Christian novel, and the author seems set on the fact that divorce is never an option, even if your significant other goes around acting like a workaholic prostitute), and of course, everyone lives happily ever after.

I don't agree. I think that she was making faith out to be the only remedy for a marriage that was in desperate need of a lot of therapy (faith never hurts, of course, but God helps those who help themselves). I felt almost as though the author looked down on anyone who would dare divorce over something so little as infidelity. This made me feel small. Didn't care for that.

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