Morning Star of the Reformation (Paperback) Review

Morning Star of the ReformationI recommend this book for students ages 10-13 who are studying Martin Luther and the Reformation.(I actually read it with my 9 year old, who is pretty bright.But I don't think it will hold the attention of most 9 year olds.) The book gives you a real good feel for how it was for the clergy in this time period and the tension that existed, and continued to be a problem, in a revolutionary time period for Christianity.I did not really understand the historical difference between Protestantism and Catholicism until I read this book, which is historical fiction.It is a great supplement to your textbook reading, which doesn't really give you a feel for how things were for individuals entering the clergy and sympathetic to the reformers' cause.I give it 3 stars because it took a little while to get into the story, but it is worth it, and it isn't too long to get through it.It will also explain the important role John Wycliffe played in this time period.

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Product Description:
When young John of Wycliffe arrives at Oxford University,he finds it a fascinating and perilous place.With his friend,Sebastian Ayleton, John experiences the terrible plague called the"Pestilence" (the Black Death), and he becomes involved in clashesbetween university factions as well as riots among the townspeople.Whenever he can find time away from his studies, John's favorite placeis the inn of the Kicking Pony.There he and his companions discussthe political and religious issues of the day, and it is with hisfriends that he first shares his growing vision of an English Biblefor all Englishmen to read.In the darkness of medieval England,John's pursuit of truth gleams like a solitary star: the morning starthat promises the sunrise to come.He paved the way for thetheologians of the next century and opened hearts in preparation forthe great Reformation itself.

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