St. Patrick's Day in the Morning (Clarion books) (Paperback) Review

St. Patrick's Day in the MorningYoung Jamie wakes early on St. Patrick's Day, much earlier than his sleeping family.He remembers that there will be a parade to the top of Acorn Hill today, and then he remembers that his brothers say he's too little to march in the parade.
Well, fine then!He'll just have a parade of his own!!Jamie sets off in his green sweater, hat and coat with Nell the dog and march up the center of town to Acorn Hill by themselves.Along the way, the meet some of the other villagers, one of whom gives Jamie an Irish flag that he proudly waves in his own parade.Does he make it to the top??You'll have to read to find out!!
"St. Patrick's Day in the Morning" is a beautiful story for any child who has ever been told that they're too small, too weak, too short, too this, too that, to do something.You can see Jamie's' happiness at proving everyone wrong.The pen and ink illustrations are lush and detailed:you could count the shingles in the roofs or the bricks in the walls.Green and a little yellow are the only colors in the book, emphasizing the spirit and colors of St. Pats in Jamie's sweater, the flag of Ireland and, of course, the lush green grasses of the Emerald Isle.
Because it's not a book about the history or legend of St. Patrick, there is no reason to limit it's reading only to March 17th.Teachers would find it a useful book in teaching both about Ireland and, of course, proving that smaller doesn't mean incapable.A fine book by Bunting and Brett, and highly recommended.

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