Streiker's Morning Sun (Paperback) Review

Streiker's Morning SunRobin Hardy outdid herself with this novel -- Hats off to her! The whole series is really an allegory about how a Christian relates to God, and how God feels/behaves toward his children, but this, the last book in the series, is a masterpiece. Don't go into it expecting a normal, believable plot, though. It doesn't have one. The ENTIRE book is an explanation of thoughts, a true gem in Hardy's crown. This book is one that never fails to make me think -- and the more times you read it, the more you see. The Streiker series is on my 'keeper' shelf, and has been for years -- they are wonderful novels, even though they must be read with an eye to the "inner" story that Hardy is trying to write.

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Product Description:
Welcome to Beaconville. It's a suspicious, unfriendly little town suspended in a dreary, bone-chilling winter. But when reclusive Dallas billionaire Fletcher Streiker receives a rambling letter from one of the residents asking for help, he decides to make a personal trip, bringing his wife, Adair, and their young son, Daniel. The citizens react with predictable hostility when Fletcher shows a little too much interest--and insight--into their doings.Inexplicable things begin to happen, such as pieces from Adair's past showing up around town. However, when Fletcher pushes the townspeople a little too far, she and Daniel are left on their own. And the only way they can leave--the only way anyone can leave--is on Fletcher's train, the Morning Sun.The Streiker Saga begins with Streiker's Bride, continues in Streiker: The Killdeer, and concludes in Streiker's Morning Sun.

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