Child of the Morning: A Novel [Paperback] Review

Child of the Morning: A Novel [Paperback]Child of the Morning is Pauline Gedge's historical fiction account of the life of Pharoah (or Queen depending on your source) Hatshepsut. In this work, Pauline Gedge recreates the world of Pharoah Thothmoses I, specifically the court where his two children a son, Thothmoses II, and a daughter, Hatshepsut, grow up. As we watch these children grow, it becomes clear that Hatshepsut is suited to rule while her brother is not. There is however a problem. Egypt has never had a female Pharoah. Can she be accepted by the military? The People? The Priesthood? and the Nobility? Or would Egypt prefer a male Pharoah who is not fit to be called a god? How will Thothmoses I deal with the issue of succession and how can he assure that his wishes are carried out?
Child of the Morning is a wonderful book of politics, social commentary and wisdom. It is truly an incredible piece of literature as well as an outstanding character study of the main female character, Hatshepsut. I cannot give this book a higher recommendation and I thank Ms. Gedge each day for writing such an amazing work.

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