One Tuesday Morning (September 11 Series #1) [Paperback] Review

One Tuesday Morning [Paperback]Jake Bryan is a firefighter with the FDNY, the only thing he has ever wanted to do. His Christian faith gives him the strength to get through each day, both on the job and at home. His wife Jamie has run from God most of her life. After a tragic childhood, she doesn't believe God would want anything to do with her or her failures. She worries constantly about Jake and his safety. The two have a daughter, Sierra, who is the light of their lives. Jake has been praying for God to make a statement in Jamie's life to bring her to know Him.
Eric Michaels is a businessman striving for success at any cost. And his greatest cost is his family. He has slowly shut out his wife and young son. His wife is at the end of her rope. When Eric returns from his business trip to New York, she is not sure whether she can continue marriage with him or not.
These men meet in the stairwell of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The tower collapses and only one survives, burned and suffering from amnesia. Jake's supervisor recognizes the man as Jake, but is it really him? Jamie works with him to re-gain his lost memory, and in the process learns about God and her husband through his Bible and journals. Which man survived the disaster? Can God redeem even those who seem completely lost?
I was touched by this fictionalized account of the calamity that affects us all.Ms. Kingsbury states that it was her way of working through the grief, and I am glad she wrote this book. The characters are very true to life, seeking God's will as well as running from it. Eric and Jamie go through tremendous transformation as God becomes real to both of them. It would be difficult to finish this novel and remain closed about God's hand in our lives.
I highly recommend ONE TUESDAY MORNING. It isn't a book that can be read all in one sitting. It takes time to experience, especially the scenes that take place on September 11. Ifelt as if I was right there with the characters in the book. For an emotional, yet uplifting look at God's everlasting love and mercy in our lives, ONE TUESDAY MORNING is not to be missed.

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Product Description:
A devoted fireman and a driven businessman, strangers with the same face. On that fateful Tuesday, one will leave the Twin Towers alive--but will he ever find his way home?Winner of the Silver Medallion Book Award.

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