Morning's Refrain (Song of Alaska) [Paperback] Review

Morning's Refrain [Paperback]Another excellent book from Tracie Peterson. I wait for her "series" in particular as you always have something more to look forward to at books end. I feel she has great descriptive qualities of both characters and the scenic wonders surrounding the characters in this good read about romance in early Alaska. I felt this book sort of got boring toward the middle and had to urge myself to continue but I knew I would have a third in the series to look forward to. There is both romance and action in this book and characters you won't forget. I suggest this book to any non-stop reader as I am.

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Product Description:
As dark family secrets threaten the tranquility of the life he's come to love, Dalton Lindquist must make difficult choices about the future. To complicate matters, Phoebe Robbins falls into his life quite literally when Dalton rescues her after she tumbles overboard in the Sitka Harbor. He quickly loses his heart. But Dalton is not the only one who decides to seek Phoebe's attention--his best friend, Yuri, decides to court her when Dalton must travel from Sitka. But when Dalton realizes the depth of his love for Phoebe and returns, the two friends find that their battle for Phoebe's admiration is only the start of the problems that face them.

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