8 Minutes in the Morning: A Simple Way to Shed Up to 2 Pounds a Week -- Guaranteed [Paperback] Review

8 Minutes in the Morning: A Simple Way to Shed Up to 2 Pounds a Week -- Guaranteed [Paperback]Jorge Cruise has developed a quick way to "jump-start" your morning. By performing only 8 minutes of strength training and following a simple diet Jorge says you can shape up! In fact on the cover of his book he guarantees weight loss in just 4 weeks.
I think the strength training aspect of his program is very good. The photographs are clear and the descriptions for the exercises are concise. Jorge leads you through 4 sets of 12 repetitions for 2 exercises, alternating them for greater effect.
There are a number of exercises including standing heel raises, kickups, knee pushups, and one arm curls.
Despite the short time period, I could feel a nice difference in my body in under a week. Though its easy to not exercise, its hard to make excuses when it's only 8 minutes! Great Concept!
It would be nice if Jorge had included modifications for those who had difficulty performing the exercises.
Jorge also includes a motivational thought for the day. Each day has a different idea to hopefully "kick" you into high gear. Ideas such as visualization, using light, rewards etc. Nothing new, but a nice addition to the book.
The diet is your standard low calorie type fare, with one addition. Jorge has you add one tsp. of flax oil (which you can also purchase from him) or olive oil to your meals to give you that feeling of satiation. I purchased Jorge's flax oil and indeed it does make you feel full..but I found the taste was very hard to get used to. Overall, I was disappointed in the diet. Jorge does not use the new information about how glycemic levels can be effected by certain foods and he suggests foods that easily turn to sugar in your body like bananas. He also suggests eating treats alone and that could trigger cravings in some folks if not paired with a protein.
Jorge says he has trained over 3 million people online in his book. So I was surprised when I visited his website that it seemed like it was still in it's infancy ie chat board just starting etc. I have been on a variety of fitness websites for over 5 years and have never heard of Jorge. I was also disappointed when he suggested on the board the if we needed motivation we buy a small outfit and try to diet to get in it.
Personally, I think we all need to feel good NOW about our bodies and try to make them better by buying clothes that fit and adjusting down when the time is right.
My thoughts are that he knows his exercise but put together a diet program by gathering information from others. I don't think his diet program is anything special or the answer folks have been looking for.
But the book is worth the price for the exercises alone. And Jorge is young and enthusiastic and his knowledge of nutrition will grow! Hopefully his next book will include the wonderful exercises and a better nutrition plan.

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