Morning Coffee (Paperback) Review

Morning CoffeeThis book, as well as Warren Bonesteels 'online version' put out daily, as well as his new website, are something that many internet families wouldn't/CAN'T begin a new day without anymore!I met Warren online quite some time ago and have been an avid daily reader as well as sharing his daily "Morning Coffee" posts with groups throughout the internet with!Often times I don't go to bed at night until Warren has posted is daily issue of "Morning Coffee" and I've got it out to one and all for their reading pleasure first thing in the Morning.Several people have relied upon this and can't begin a decent day without their cup of java AND their dose of "Morning Coffee"

Warren speaks, types, in a down to earth southern style, a one on one level that anyone and everyone can accept.He makes you KNOW you're family, that you're welcome at his table for a cup of good hot STRONG java and you're welcome to stay as long as you like.Bones (as we nickname him) is not one of those who'll push his ideas on the reader and personally states what he thinks and is more than willing to have YOU write him back with YOUR opinions.Warren is HUMAN, treats his readers as the human beings they are, and always leaves the kitchen table with an open door policy and the knowlege that the coffee is always brewing, strong, hot, good, and that one and all are welcome to join him for some!God Bless this man's Golden Heart!This is THE BOOK~~ONE HUMAN BEING SPEAKING WITH OTHER HUMAN BEINGS on an even level with the reader.Not the 'usual high fallutin Enlgish that the reader has to stop and say, HUH?And need to re-read to attempt to understand what was said.In the humor, the stories, the discussions, the 'visitin', most generally there will be a 'moral to the story'.This book is FOR ALL AGE GROUPS AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO SOME OF THE WORLD'S YOUTH OF TODAY, THEY JUST MIGHT LEARN A BIT ABOUT RESPECT!

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