Monday Morning Leadership: 8 Mentoring Sessions You Can't Afford to Miss (Paperback) Review

Monday Morning Leadership: 8 Mentoring Sessions You Can't Afford to MissThe best business books are brief, clear and pertinent.Monday Morning Leadership fits all of those requirements.

You can read the whole book in a few minutes . . . and think about and apply what you learned for a lifetime.

The format is around a man who's struggling as a manager.His operation isn't performing well.His boss isn't happy.He's not happy.He doesn't have time to be with his family or to do what he likes to do.It looks like his career has peaked . . . and his job may be in jeopardy.What to do?

If that sounds familiar, almost everyone has had that experience who has taken on a management role.

Jeff decides to do something about it.He contacts an old family friend, Tony Pierce, who has had a very successful business career.Tony has agreed to meet with Jeff for eight weeks on Monday mornings.

In their eight sessions, Jeff learns the following lessons:

1. He has to accept total responsibility for results without excuses and to think like a leader rather than a manager or follower.

2. Be sure everyone knows what the main thing is that they have to accomplish and keep their faith in you as a leader.

3. Get closer to your people and help your top performers improve.

4. Act with integrity and prepare for how to handle problems before they occur.

5. Improve the team you have by only hiring high performers.

6. Manage your time carefully by looking for ways to save minutes wherever you can and by being more effective at whatever you do.

7. Encourage, recognize and respect your people.

8. Advance your learning by reading, being open to trying new things, listening, helping others, setting goals and always being professional and positive.

Those points make it sound like you don't need to read the book.You already knew most of those things, didn't you?But the story will embed the learning into your mind in powerful ways.Don't miss it!

I was especially impressed by Mr. Cottrell's ability to turn a phrase.The book abounds with aphorisms that you will find yourself remembering and possibly quoting as you coach your replacements.Many of the best ways are repeated on pages 97-101.Here's one of my favorites:"People quit people before they quit companies."Key principles are also summarized on pages 102-103.

This book would also make a great gift to some you know who is just starting out as a manager.The gift will be even more meaningful if you offer to coach that person as well.

Make a difference!

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Product Description:
Monday Morning Leadership is a story that can help your career!Everyone likes a good story, especially if there are lessons that can be immmediately applied to life.This book is one of those stories - about a manager and his mentor.It offers unique encouragement and direction that will help you become a better manager, employee, and person.

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