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Son of the Morning [Mass Market Paperback]Grace has everything to lose: a happy life with a loving husband, a wonderful brother and an amazing career. She loses it all in one moment. To save herself and avenge the murders of her husband and brother, she is on the run with the very documents that caused all this horror. The police, thinking she killed her husband and brother, and the killer, who wants the documents, are both after her, but she is a strong and an intelligent woman and she gets away...just barely . She learns "street smarts" and how to survive despite this agressive murderer on her tail.
When Grace discovers the mystery the documents hold, she knows she must travel through time as the documents explain to meet Black Niall, who she has been dreaming about since she first discovered the documents. He has shared her hot dreams and their lust for each other is so powerful all he has to do is kiss her to make her explode with passion.
With Niall's help, they travel back to 1998 to face the ruthless killer. Niall is almost God-like in his strength and the love he shares with Grace makes you wonder if they were made for each other.
I expected a romance novel but instead, this novel was filled with action, suspence and VERY little romance...but when she finally does meet Black Niall (65 pages away from the end of the book!) they share some amazingly HOT scenes!! The story reminded me of the movie "The Fugitive" mixed with the film "Mission Impossible," But I didn't find the lack of romance all that dissapointing because the story was so well-written and interesting.
This story should be classified as a suspence thriller. She doesn't even meet the hero until page 340 (The story ends at page 400). Most of the novel is about her running from the killers. It's exciting and you really come to love Grace and care about her character. She is so three-dimensional, she seems like a real person.
Black Niall sounds delicious but he also plays a minor role in the novel. He is like the supporting character and he comes across as 2-dimensional. I never fell in love with him but I did lust after him.
The ending was sweet but I had another ending in mind that never came to fruition. However, that made the novel UNpredictable and that's a good thing. This is my first novel to read by Linda Howard, and I see myself picking up MANY more in the future. I HIGHLY recommend!

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