Liturgy of the Hours - Morning & Evening Prayer: December 2009 (Kindle Edition) Review

Liturgy of the Hours - Morning & Evening Prayer:  December 2009This kindle book was the best gift in our house this Christmas!My brother is 82 years old, a Catholic priest, and suffering from low vision due to macular degeneration.We gave him the kindle for Christmas and its enlarged print was a great help to him.The arrival of John L. Davis' "Liturgy of the Hours" made the gift just about perfect.He has been unable to pray his breviary prayers in recent months, and has found this particular version to be particularly inspiring.What a disappointment to find that January is unavailable!Please do whatever you can to help us get this book for those who so appreciate it!I, too, would gladly purchase the whole year at once.

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Product Description:
The Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer of the Church.It is the work of the Church to always and everywhere enter into deeper relationship with the Holy Trinity.Our prayer is the fabric into which God's will is woven and revealed.

The problem for many - clergy and laity alike - is that the rubrics and mechanics of this prayer form can sometimes eclipse the opportunity for grace which is its fruit.This version of the Liturgy of the Hours has been designed to limit that distraction.

Using the approved text for the Dioceses of the United States of America this formatted edition includes the full text of Morning and Evening Prayer and is optimized exclusively for use on the Amazon Kindle.In this edition there are no ribbon markers to contend with and no rubrics or directives to follow.

The straight-forward rendering of the text will allow you to focus on prayer, and allow the context and meaning of the words to soak in like the rain.

No copy rite is claimed for the textual content of the psalms, antiphons, readings, or prayers.All rights are reserved only as to the font, formatting and optimization for amazon kindle.Additional volumes will be published in the series for each month.

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