Bright Shiny Morning (P.S.) [Paperback] Review

Bright Shiny Morning [Paperback]I was the first to get the book from my local Barnes and Nobles and I know this because they told me this--I read a lot.I read Austen and Bronte.I read Hemingway and Faulkner.I read Mailer and Vidal.I read I read I read.You'll have to trust me when I say that I consider myself a literate person, a published writer, and a harsh and unbearable critic--of self and others--and I haven't read all of Bright Shiny Morning yet.I have read four hundred and ten pages of it.With the negative reviews that are to follow, I figured a partial review on my favorite place to buy books online would be appropriate to thin out what will surely be many an unjust review.Let's put aside that he's an embellisher in his memoirs (I could care less).Let's focus solely on the novel at hand.Let's start with the negatives.

Two Teens runaway from home to start a life together.(Cliche)
A blockbuster actor married to a beautiful woman is really gay.(Cliche)
A spanish nanny with a deformity who starts a relationships with the son of a client.(Cliche)
A homeless man who befriends a runaway.(Most assuredly cliche)
The writing is shoddily punctuated, annoyingly incomplete, and choppy.(You look and have to make sure you read it right).
The language is rough. (Constant swearing, difficult to read material)
The vignette excursions are sometimes annoying, sometimes interesting, sometimes boring, sometimes a miss, and sometimes a hit.(Some worked in the book, other's probably could've been left out).

Now I'll tell you why none of these negatives matter.

The cliche story lines could kill a book if not so beautifully put together that you become engrossed in the characters--the characters become the originals in a story that's been told a thousand times.
The writing is all his own. It's reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy's The Road.It flares with an immediacy not seen in books anymore--or rarely seen in books anymore.The excursions from the story are necessary because without them, you don't get the major character, which is, LA.LA rings as the focal character, a land and place all its own that rings true to the world around us, the focal point for the American dream, the focal point for hope and decadance, the focal point for stardom and fame, the focal point for what drives American's home lives to the television each day, the focal point for these characters existence, the focal point for life in a sense.

I ask, and I hope, my only hope, that you who are angry at James Frey, let it go, and don't try and crush the book simply because you feel lied to.A believable lie, after all, is what good fiction is made out of, for if he could suspend disbelief well enough for us to believe everything in his memoir's (that he didn't even want to call memoirs, mind you, it's labeled, Memoir/Literature), he certainly suspends disbelief in bringing to life the characters.You will feel their pain and their defeats, their victories and their happines, at least to where I've read to.I don't know about the rest of the book... but he's never been one for the crapped out ending, so I'm quite sure. Buy it, you'll love it.If you don't buy it and you don't read it, then just don't write a review, for a review is not how you feel about the author, it's how you feel about the work he put out into the world, so be mature, grow up, and read a good book from a unique and new voice in the world of literature.

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