The Haunted House Party (Rainbow Morning Music Picture Books) [Hardcover] Review

The Haunted House Party [Hardcover]When a young lad organizes a Halloween party, he doesn't realize that it is all of the uninvited guests who will cause him so much trouble. Ogres, witches, skeletons, and other horrors join his party, freely mingling with his costumed friends (who don't notice a thing!). However, when the uninvited guests begin to trash his home, the hero of the story lectures them and starts them to clean the mess they've made. But, can they clean the mess before his parents arrive?
This cute book is presented all in rhyme, but the rhythm of the text is so lose, that it does not become oppressive (e.g. out/ home/ afternoon/ phone/ plans/ here/ not/ fear.). The illustrations (one page-sized picture for each page of text) are quite quirky, and add a lot to the general feel of the book. My seven-year-old son enjoyed this book immensely. He did not find the rhyming too heavy, so I wouldn't let that worry you.
Overall, this is a great book.

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Product Description:
On Halloween night, a child's party is visited by real ghosts and goblins. Unfortunately, because everyone is in a mask and costume, no one knows who the real creatures are-until some of the real ghosts and goblins begin to show off for each other. The host and his friendsultimatelylearn how to deal with negative, destructive behavior andtake responsibility for their situation.

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