The Morning After [Paperback] Review

The Morning After [Paperback]This was truly a strong suspense novel.I realize that it's billed as a "romantic suspense" but trust me there is hardly any romance to be found in these pages so those of you that are scared off by the idea of romance will be safe in picking up this title.
There were a lot of character's but I don't think there were so many that one could not keep track of what was going on.Really I feel that each character did play it's part in the telling of the story.
Someone is going around killing people by burying them alive with a dead corpse.Why?How are they connected?These are the questions that haunt Detective Pierce Reed.From the beginning the killer later dubbed "The Grave Robber" draws Reed into his horrid game.Reed knows the first victim.Now it's a race against the clock to catch this killer before he kills again.
Nikki Gillette is a hard core journalist.She is after the story that will break and at the same time make her career.She has a bad blemish on her record so she has to work twice as hard to prove that she can get the job done.While working on local interest stuff she also works at trying to scoop not only her co-worker but the competition by getting all the information regarding the Grave Robber.Of course she is also in communication with the killer.He has a bone to pick with her as well.Soon this hard core newspaper journalist, and the tough as nails detective find that they have more in common then they thought.A Killer to be exact.
Nikki was an obnoxious character at times and yes, this did get on my nerves after a time.Still the twists and turns that Ms. Jackson took us on was well worth one of her annoying characters.Ms. Jackson is well on her way to becoming a mainstream suspense novelist.

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Product Description:
A woman is frantic as she awakens in a dark, closed space. From above her comes the muffled sound of cruel laughter, followed by the hard splatter of dirt. Pure terror takes over as she realizes she's being buried alive, and her last breath is a scream that no one but a sadistic killer will hear. To journalist Nikki Gillette, this disturbing story is a ticket out of small - town Savannah and on to the big time. She's already given the killer a nickname - The Grave Robber - and she's spending every minute dogging tough cop Pierce Reed's investigation, trailing him through Savannah's deep thickets and crumbling cemeteries...even though she's starting to wonder about the secrets he's keeping. Another body is found...and another. Each gruesome discovery unnerves Nikki a little more...there's something familiar about it, something she should know. Now, as a serial killer pulls her ever deeper into his sick game, she has no idea how close she's getting to the truth - or how deadly it will be.

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