A Morning Cup of Tai Chi (The Morning Cup series) [Spiral-bound] Review

A Morning Cup of Tai Chi [Spiral-bound]Very often I have read tai chi books that explain the art of tai chi using Chinese metaphors, like snake creeps down, making it very difficult for me to comprehend and use them in my daily exercize.The genius of John Fey is his ability to use simple American concepts which I am familiar as the basis of his routines.For example draw acircle with your hand. I am amazed at the benefit I have achieved by using John's previous books and tapes. I am 65 years old and move and have the energy of a 40 year old.Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the book. Practicing the tai chi routines have a powerful effect onthe mind/body.

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Product Description:
This colorfully illustrated 15-minute exercise routine introduces readers to the basics of the ancient ""bodymind"" art of Tai Chi. The author approaches Tai Chi with fun and simplicity, making this a practice anyone can engage in and enjoy. Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese art of mind-body harmony, is designed to achieve a balance of mental and physical fitness. It combines elements of calming, focusing, strengthening, toning, and balance. Tai Chi is popular among all age groups, especially seniors, because of its low physical impact and tremendously positive impact on vitality.Bright-Fey has developed and trademarked a revolutionary way to teach Tai Chi, called the New Forest Way. This simple method makes the art of Tai Chi easy for people of all ages to learn and use daily to improve their health.

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