Star of the Morning (The Nine Kingdoms, Book 1) [Paperback] Review

Star of the Morning [Paperback]I'm not usually a connoisseur of fantasy novels, as I often find them to be either too dark, or too hard to relate to the characters.But, since I love Lynn Kurland's historical novels and characters, I had to try this one out.

And it is fabulous.

Yes, it is fantasy, with the darkness of evil... yet you are not dragged down with lurid descriptions of the evil.Rather, you experience the emotions and thoughts and feelings of the characters as THEY deal with the evil that is thrown at them.And you share in their victories, just as you share in the conversation and laughter they share when they are warm and safe around the fire.

And of course there is magic... but it is a silvery ribbon that winds through characters that are still so human that it is easy to relate to them.They have magic and know spells... but they use them in the same utterly human ways that you or I use our knowledge and skills.

And then there's the romance.It is there, running beneath the surface and threatening to spill over any moment... yet it never does.That has been saved for future books.But its sweetness draws you into the story until you, also, have fallen in love with the shieldmaiden and the mage.

So read of Morgan, an orphan who has learned to shun magic in favor of the more visible and tangible skills of swordplay... while she slowly begins to find that magic is in her, she cannot run from it, and it does have its uses.

Read of Miach, the archmage of the powerful kingdom of Neroche, as he quietly defends the kingdom against far more danger than anyone realizes... as he is tempted the mis-use the power that few know he holds... and as he discovers a love that is more powerful still.

And escape to a world where men and women alike answer to the calling that has been laid upon them... to save the innocent masses that are unaware of the danger that threatens them.

(Number two in the trilogy, The Mage's Daughter: A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms, is now out, and it makes this book even better!Don't miss it!)

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Product Description:
From the USA Today bestselling author comes the first in a magical romantic fantasy trilogy.

Darkness covers the north, since the black mage has begun his assault on the kingdom of Neroche. Legend has it that only the two magical swords held by Neroche's king can defeat the mage. Now the fate of the Nine Kingdoms rests in the hands of a woman destined to wield one of those blades...

In this land of dragons and mages, warrior maids and magical swords, nothing is as it seems. And Morgan will find that the magic in her blood brings her troubles she cannot face with a sword-and a love more powerful than she has ever imagined.

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