Lavender Morning (Edilean) (Mass Market Paperback) Review

Lavender MorningI love Jude Deveraux, and I am happy to see her start a new series.I liked this story and the characters very much, but I was somewhat disappointed in the book in several respects. First, I thought it was too similar to several of her other books, particularly "Holly," although Ramsey is not evil the way Lorrie Beaumont was and there are no Montgomerys or Taggerts in this book.

Second, the book ended very quickly, which just left me with a lot of questions.The story revealed at the end was simply not believable, given the characters involved.I kept reading the last few pages over and over thinking I missed something and wondering.Maybe future books in the series will supply more believable information about what actually happened in the past.

Third, I always have a problem with contemporary novels where the principal characters talk/plan love and marriage after only a few kisses.

Having said all the above, I still liked this book and the characters and can't wait to read the next book in the series.It's an easy, enjoyable read without murder and mayhem.

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