The Morning Meeting Book (Strategies for Teachers, 1) (Paperback) Review

The Morning Meeting BookThis book addresses the place and importance of Greeting, Sharing, Group Activity, and News and Announcements for grades k through 8.It gives both theoretical and practical reasoning as well as many examples.There is anappendix for each component that lists many activities, categorized byappropriate grade level.Kriete does a nice job of pointing out the skillstaught in all the components of morning meetings, and step-by-step helpsany teacher set the same tone in his/her classroom.For example, in GroupActivity, skills such as attentive listening, voice-control, and team-workare re-inforced by specific activities where each is a critical element. There aren't enough books out there on these types of skills!ThanksRoxann Kriete!

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Product Description:
Morning Meeting is a powerful teaching tool for building community, increasing student investment, and improving academic and social skills. This comprehensive guidebook has helped thousands of teachers across the country use Morning Meeting to launch their school days. The expanded edition offers: Step-by-step guidelines for implementing Morning Meeting in any K-8 classroom Clear explanations of purposes 45 greetings, 66 group activities, and many samples of morning message charts Frequently asked questions and answers?? A chapter on implementing Morning Meeting in middle schools Ideas for adapting Morning Meeting for use with second language learners

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