Joy In The Morning (Paperback) Review

Joy In The MorningI just finished this book, and I have to tell you, I was SO BLESSED by the testimony that is revealed in this book!I can certainly see why God had Amy write this book!

"Joy in the Morning" is an awesome testimony about not only walking in faith, but of God's faithfulness, as well!It is an inspiring story of Amy's 4 year old daughter, Makenna.This little girl will make you cry when you see the pain and torment her little body was going through, and then watch her turn into such a little trooper!Wow!Her belief in Jesus healing her body was incredible! God is so faithful!!!

This book not only showed me the true love the Lord has for us, but it showed me what can happen in your life, if you truly (I said, TRULY) give your life --- ALL OF IT --- to Him!All of it, means ALL OF IT; including our children!

This is a story of a mother who just had to stand back and watch as the Lord worked a miracle in her daughter's life, and in the lives her daughter touched while in the hospital!Just an amazing little girl!

If you have not already ordered this book, do so now!It will truly bless you!Amy does such a wonderful job at explaining faith, and walking in faith, and what a struggle it was to "let go and let God", it will truly minister to you!

I am so glad I got this book.I truly believe this book is going to minister to ANYONE and EVERYONE who reads it!It sure did me!

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Product Description:
"Joy in the Morning" is one family's story of their daughter's struggle with a rare, life-threatening illness that left their four year old girl completely paralyzed. Amy Kuncaitis recalls the physical, emotional and Spiritual struggles and triumphs as their family went through days of not knowing what was making their daughter ill and many months of rehabilitation for their daughter to be restored to health. Come experience how this family learned what it really means to have faith, even through this very deep valley in their lives. Joy in the Morning is a book of hope for the hopeless, healing for the broken hearted, and encouragement for anyone who is struggling to understand why we go through the things we do in this life.Amy Kuncaitis is a stay at home mom to her three children except the one day a week she teaches computers to Senior Citizens. Amy has been married to her best friend Ben for almost twelve years. Amy enjoys singing, and writing music as well as daily journaling.When she is not singing or writing, Amy enjoys camping, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.Ben and Amy reside in Zeeland Michigan.

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