Joy Cometh in the Morning [Paperback] Review

Joy Cometh in the Morning [Paperback]I have read this book. It is really informative and contains so much information and teaching tools for youth. Within each page are answers to questions teens and adults have and face each day. I would and plan to use it in a youth setting for teaching purposes. Also I plan on giving copies out to different organizations with the initiative and agenda dedicated to young people. Thank you Ms. James for a commitment to the next generation.

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Product Description:
Joy Cometh In The Morning is both a cautionary and informative tale written about Christian and non-Christian teenagers who are confronted with issues of premarital sex, family dysfunction, violence, and teenage sexuality and self-esteem. The book highlights personal transformations through God's redemptive power and unconditional, constraining love that is expressed through His son, Jesus Christ. Joy Cometh In The Morning is not only inspirational but also gives a unique perspective on the quality of sin; the approach is everyone-Christian and non-Christian-is capable and culpable of sin yet one does not have to remain as a bond slave to it but can, through Christ, become a bond slave to righteousness. Furthermore, it addresses important social issues such as masturbation and abortion that are taboo in some ministries and households. Readers-specifically, teenagers and adults of various ethnicities and genders-will not only recognize but also believe in the hope that is inherent in the personhood of Jesus Christ, acknowledging that trials and tribulations can be managed and overcome through one's personal relationship with God that, consequently, leads to life changing experiences.

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