Pancakes on a Saturday Morning (Paperback) Review

Pancakes on a Saturday MorningAs a parent of a young child I have had the occasion to read numerous children's books.The stories usually follow the same trajectory with few unique variations.I was pleasantly surprised reading this book. This story blurs the bright line between dream and reality.Other great books in that mould are: "Where the wild things are," and "Oh the places you go."The author has penned a tale where the little boy is fully comforted by the story being told by his mother at bedtime. Although a make believe story, the events being told seems to occur in real-time to the boy and to the reader.

Reading this book brings to life the soothing warmth and sweet smells that have been so artfully illustrated. It seems odd that one might actually be able to smell by sight, but that is the delightful effect. For anyone who has ever been soothed by the warmth of hot chocolate or bewitched by the smell of a huge stack of pancakes on a cold winter morning, reading and viewing this book will rewind those memories all over again.

The characters are assured and a clear African-American aesthetic, resembling the aesthetic of other literature and art forms created during the Harlem Renaissance, is developed. The beautiful black mother is represented in a way that subtly celebrates her roots. African-American motherhood and strong womanhood is clearly on high display in both the textual elements and the illustration. The theme of a good childhood, and all the pure memories made everlasting, shone through.

I can almost picture the First Lady, Mrs. Obama, reading this story to enthraled school children one day. This dexterously written glimpse into otherwise ordinary daily life makes great bedtime reading and would be a wonderful addition to any children's book library.One of the highest compliments given for any book in this genre is that when reading this book one tends to feel positive empathy to the story and characters.

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