Till Morning Comes [Paperback] Review

Till Morning Comes [Paperback]When reading this book it was like you are living in that time.It was an excellent book.It is a Christian based, mystery novel depicted from the early 1900's.If you are interested in going back in time, and reading mystery novels you really need to read this book!

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Product Description:
A heart-warming novel of love, loss, and the discovery of truth which can only come in the darkest of hours. Anna has found the life she`s always dreamed of - living on a farm in the foothills of Missouri with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters - until it all falls apart. Her husband, Jim, has a seizure, and Anna hides behind a shield of self denial, insisting "life is good." When Jim suddenly disappears, Anna`s world is shattered. Then she is told her beloved Jim is dead! She must now learn to face her own fears head-on when she discovers truth.

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