Just Stuff: Early Morning Coffee (Paperback) Review

Just Stuff: Early Morning CoffeeThis book has the depth of Steinbeck, the flair of Faulker and the wit of Heller.I am a better person for having absorbed the author's genius and his edifying lessons.

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Product Description:
Just Stuff/Early Morning Coffee will kick start your day. In reading an excerpt with your favorite beverage each morning, you may find inspiration for the new day. Herein are a collection of stories, experiences, and observations aimed at the head, heart, and funny bone. Each article relays a simple life lesson learned about work, family, friendship, love, life, education and relationships. Told with humor and candor, each contains universal truths that will resonate with male and female readers alike. Just Stuff goes very well every morning with a cup of coffee to get your day started in a positive direction. Enjoy!

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