Land of the Morning Calm (Paperback) Review

Land of the Morning CalmI was in the area at the same time, and this is the most accurate picture of what happened that I have read. Excellant historical reference.

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Korea, "The Forgotten War" occurred only five years after the end of World War II.The American citizens, weary of more carnage, but President Harry S. Truman was determined to stop the spread of communism in the Far East. He petitioned the United Nations to get other nations to send troops to support the United States.It was my misfortune to be drafted into the United States Army during this miserable "Police Action" as it was called at that time. I spent thirteen months in Korea from April 1952 to May 1953.You will be taken across the Pacific on the troopship, General Black along with many other seasick G.I.s and Canadian troops into Inchon harbor to the forboding hills of Korea to replace combat worn soldiers who have spent their time in purgatory.You will get to meet my friends and comrades from all parts of the U.S. who make up the 955 Field Artillery Battalion You will listen to their gripes and the occasional raw humor that get them through the misery of day-to-day routine. Listen to the ungodly din of the big howitzers and the Long Toms blasting away day and night. It"s enough to drive you nuts.For eight months I worked as one of a three man forward observation team, in the bunkers and trenches with Republic of Korea infantry who do not speak English. Hide in a bunker as "Joe Chink" fires rockets at you. Feel the claustrophobia of being trapped in a freezing bunker at night as the enemy surrounds you. C"mon. Join the adventure! It"s all true. With photos.

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