Come The Morning [Paperback] Review

Come The Morning [Paperback]This was a terrific story.Realistic battles, several great characters, drama, romance, excitement, and triumph.

Waryk de Graham is a young fledgling warrior.He enters his very first battle at his father's side.When he awakens from an injury to his head, he finds his father lying dead beside him.The rest of his family lies dead as well.He is the last of the Graham name.Filled with rage, he pulls himself from the ground, grabs his father's sword, and runs to attack his enemies in surprise.He manages to kill most of them, as King David arrives with troops to help.David sees that Waryk has the potential to be a great champion.He knights Waryk there on the battle field.Waryk is now Sir Waryk de Graham, Laird Lion.He pledges his life to David's service, determined at the same time to use his father's sword to bring down the rest of his enemies.

Years later, with his father's sword in hand, Waryk has earned his king's respect.King David decides to reward Waryk by giving him a vast estate, complete with a beautiful heiress for his bride.

Mellyora MacAdin is the daughter of a former Viking warlord.Her father, Laird Adin, had long ago changed his ways and become one of King David's loyal lairds.However, he raises his daughter in the Viking tradition of teaching women to battle along with their men.Mellyora is a woman who can handle a sword against men who would attack her, her home, or her people.
When Laird Adin dies suddenly, his daughter travels to David's court in hopes of keeping her father's land, known as Blue Isle.David has already decided that Mellyora will marry Waryk, making certain that her Viking relatives can not seize the property.Mellyora escapes from the king's castle.She decides to run to her uncle's camp and ask him to help her keep Blue Isle long enough to convince the king that she is capable of defending it without a husband.While running through the forest at night, a man grabs her and questions her.When he discovers she is running from his king, Waryk makes a plan to bring her back to the castle.In the midst of his plan, he discovers that she is the woman intended to be his bride.

Over the next weeks, Mellyora and Waryk battle for control of her land and life.When the king makes it clear that he will give Blue Isle to Waryk, with or without marriage, Mellyora had no choice but to agree to marry him.Now they must work together to save Blue Isle and it's people from a secret enemy, the son of one of the men Waryk killed as a boy.This enemy, Ulric Hallsteader is determined to take Waryk's wife and land.He finds ways to attack while disguising himself as Mellyora's uncle, Daro of the Vikings.If he can cause war between Waryk and Daro, he can weaken them both.This will open Blue Isle for attack.There were numerous terrific characters in this story. They made a truly magnificent tale.There are many men and women to root for, and plenty to fear.This keeps the story exciting and it makes putting the book down very difficult.(Hence the dark circles under my eyes after reading into the early hours of the morning.)The romances that develop are gripping and deep.While reading, you feel the joy, frustration, fear, and determination of the characters as if you were living it yourself.This is a characteristic that makes the difference between a good story and an excellent story.

My only disappointment was the fact that there were several pages of unnecessary history and background.I found myself skimming through these paragraphs to get back to the plot.However, the story was enthralling enough to make up for it.

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