And Finally Elizabeth: Joy in the Savannah Morning [Paperback] Review

And Finally Elizabeth: Joy in the Savannah Morning [Paperback]This fictionalized biography describes one woman's journey to independence and happiness. It is not a "tell you how to do it or tell you how to get out" book but rather just an account of her experiences that should help you identify signs of a lousy situation should you need to. You feel like you are talking to a friend. It utilizes some unique styles of communication and wonderful, descriptive language. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a friend of the author but feel anyone would enjoy the book. It reminds me a lot of the early Oprah book club books.

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Product Description:
For as long as she could remember they had called her Betsy. And then one day in the rolling hills of Virginia, as she drove away from a marriage and the small town where she had lived for 27 years, she stopped at a small motel for the night. The motel on Fanci Hill. It was there that she suddenly knew that her life had changed forever. Betsy died there and Elizabeth was born. And for the purposes of writing this book, her pen name would be Elisabeth Fanci Hill. Max, the brindle English Bulldog was her only companion on the journey. Elizabeth was moving to Savannah, Georgia. Savannah beckoned to her soul. A business woman, who was prominent in the community, she has had it all: education, the big house, the successful husband, the vacations and all that accompanies apparent success. Beneath the enviable surface of her life was her secret reality: more tears than laughter, more fear than joy. She was a woman enormously capable of putting on a happy face. Elizabeth decided to pursue writing as a career. This is her first book. She is her own main character. By "fictionalizing" herself, she is able to attain a level of objectivity as she reflects on her life and searches for an answer to the question that pesters her: Why did I allow myself to be mistreated? Why do women marry and stay with abusive men? The book is, at times, painful to read, intensely honest and brightened by dark humor. It's also about writing and the role of writing as a catalyst for change. It is one woman's brave odyssey inside herself. And what seems to be an ending becomes a beginning.

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