Sunshine [Paperback] Review

Sunshine [Paperback]This is a first-rate book. Won the Children's book Council Children's Picture Book of the Year Award in 1982.
Ormerod's textless illustrations of a family's early morning activities is superb. The little girl,creepsinto mum and dad's bed in the morning (the alarm closck tells us it is7.20, kisses dad, and then helps him prepare breakfast (the toast burns ashe reads the paper). They take breakfast into mum, still in bed. mum goesback to sleep, and dad gets lost in the paper. Our heroine gets herselfdressed and toileted. It's now 8.25, and a rush ensues as Mum and dad leapout of bed to get going.
Absolutely delightful. Lots of fodder forchildren's imagination, and sequencing skills - some of the pics are instrip cartoon format.
There is a sequel, moonlight, about activities atthe other end of the day, which is just as delightful.
A timelessclassic; thoroughly recommended. It was a firm bedtime favourite in ourhouse from about age 2 1/2 on.

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