Six Mornings on Sanibel [Paperback] Review

Six Mornings on Sanibel [Paperback]I am a native of S.W. Florida.As a child, I spent every Saturday at the Sanibel pier fishing with my friends.Now as a busy attorney I enjoy the pier whenever I can sneak a weekend at Sanibel.I have always metdifferent characters at the pier and have always been entertained by theirstories.In the book an unusual friendship between a retired charter boatcaptain and an overworked, streesed out divorce attorney produce unsettlingviews into their lives.These views are sometimes brutally honest andeye-opening. While this dialogue is taking place, the author accuratelydiscribes the natural beauty of Sanibel.You can almost smell the saltwater and hear the waves as the story progresses.The story of thesetwo friends produces a roller-coaster ride through the different emotionsthat culminates in an unexpected, controversial ending.It leaves youasking yourself "What would I have done?" I look forward tohis next book.

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Product Description:
Six Mornings on Sanibel is a moving story for readers of all ages. Two unlikely men meet one morning at the fishing pier on Sanibel Island in Florida. Over the course of the next six mornings, they share more than just snook runs and cold Cokes.
Richard Evans is an over weight, stressed out divorce attorney who measures his success by how much money he can manipulate from his clients. Under duress from his wife, Helen, he has taken is estranged family on vacation to Sanibel Island. Helen, who's life has grown to revolve around her soap operas, bridge games and excessive spending, has anything but time for her family. Subsequently, both their teenage boys are spoiled beyond measure with every toy and game manufactured. Spoiled with everything except love and time from their parents. Sadly, their big, beautiful Midwestern house resembles anything but a home.
Carl Johnson and his wife, Marie, had moved to Sanibel decades ago to raise their family in the peaceful serene environment that island life has to offer; Carl as a fishing guide and Marie tending their family, garden and volunteer work. He has lived a long full life and is now old and retired. With his children having moved out of state and Marie having passed away to cancer last year, Carl is living the last years of his life with his fishing tackle and memories.
Over the next six mornings, while catching and releasing fish, Carl and Richard share tales of love, losses, heroism, vanity, suicide and life. They share bait, fishing gear and poignant conversations. With each passing morning, something happens to Richard. He begins to realize how superficial and shallow his life has become and contemplates changing, no matter how difficult that change may be.

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