Morning Side of the Mountain (Hardcover) Review

Morning Side of the MountainLove, War and intrigue form a unique web to entangle the lives of three people.
Bob Waldo was without a fulfilling love all his young life. As a spirited Naval officer he was too lackadaisical to know 'true love' when charming and beautiful Leslie Taylor entered his life. It was Leslie who started Bob thinking about love when she told him her Grandmothers beautiful story of lovers discovering their emotions together when that reached the "Morning Side of the Mountain"
Bob never realized he was in love with Leslie, until she tired of waiting for his full affections and walked out of his life.
Trying to heal his wounds over losing Leslie, he lived a life of hedonism until Mandy Cambridge, a beautiful, strong-willed professional entered his life. They were just far as she knew, but he secretly longed for her shared love and passion. One chilly wine filled evening in his cabin at Lake Tahoe, in a rare moment of weakness, Mandy fulfills his passion.
Too late she realizes she is in love with him and is unable to tell him of her dawning feelings before fate steps in the way.
In the eariler years of knowing Mandy, Bob volunteers for Vietnam. But the greater war he would encounter was not the Viet Cong, it was the uncovering of the secret schemes of two traitorous americans. A discovery that would change his life and the women he loved forever!
During all this turmoil, his heart still longed for Leslie. Had she found the mountain? Did she still have feelings for him? Would he find her again?
This is story of love at it's very best.

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