Morning Calm: A Novel of the Korean War (Paperback) Review

Morning Calm: A Novel of the Korean WarThis is as fine a story about Marines in combat as I have ever read.It is the story of a Marine scout platoon: from peacetime in California, to the landing at Inchon, to the recapture of Seoul, to the drive for the Yalu River, to the Chinese human wave attacks near the Chosin Reservoir. With the good character development you'll get to know all the main characters very well:Captain Cussler (the men mockingly call him Custer behind his back), Sgt. Reese (the quiet one who landed on Iwo Jima and knows what lies ahead), Stooch (a corporal whose courage is beyond description), the Professor (who spends all his free time reading old classics), Moore (the platoon bigot and one hell of a BAR man - he refused to take any more prisoners after Seoul), Goldman (the platoon Jew and bazooka man), Sullivan (the Mick and .50 caliber MG man), Doc Lowe (medic), Ramirez (the Hispanic and radio operator) and "Tank" Brewster (he takes out two Russian T-34s all by himself.)
The dialogue and banter between the members of the platoon is incredibly well done and adds much to the realism of the storyline. It brings the haunting Korean War Memorial in DC to life. Don't pass this one up.Get it and read it.

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Product Description:
The world is at peace in the summer of 1950.For the men of one Marine Corps platoon, their only enemies are boredom and the vagrancies of officers.Cussler, the lieutenant, is plagued with uncertainty in the shadow of another.Reese, the quiet sergeant, knows the horrors that lie ahead.Hogan, takes nothing serious until the quiet Melissa enters his world in a swirl of dark beauty.Goldstein, is running from the bigotry of his past, and Moore embraces his.The Professor, Doc Lowe, Henderson and Sullivan, and all the others only combat the daily tedium of training, and the nightly vacancy of the lonely.June 25th, it all changed.Soon, the men of the scout platoon will find themselves in an all too real war.Caught up in a meat grinder of battle in a war no one wants, in a place no one knows.In a distant place called Korea.From the rubble-strewn streets of a burnt out Seoul, to the frozen hills of Chosin, they will discover the tragedy of, and triumph over war.Where dreams are meaningless, a friend's trust is the best weapon, and survival is the only hope.

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