Morning Glory (Paperback) Review

Morning GloryI love this book. It provides a unique relationship between space and time. He utilizes all literary movements from haikus to spoken word, to "paragraph poems. May his voice be known foever.

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Product Description:
Morning Glory is a refreshing, thought provoking and insightful collection of poems and thoughts by author Cliff Campbell reflecting on a range of topics such as politics, urban life, spirituality, love and personal experiences. Divided into four chapters, the author uniquely manifests his thoughts using a variety of classic poetical styles such as free verse, acrostic, haiku and sonnets. Morning Glory is able to easily switch moods without losing the reader's interest. Campbell is able to paint vivid pictures through his wordplay, his imagery and his storytelling. This book is one of a few contemporary books of poetry that allows the reader to actually experience and relive the author's thoughts, trials and triumphs. This collection of poetry will cause you to laugh, cry, and think critically. Morning Glory is an easy read for all walks of life.

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